what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

Why is this not getting around faster


First day of classes tomorrow

Studio selection tomorrow

I will chew someone’s arm off for one of the spaces on the other side of the Wall

Did someone just come to the floor meeting dressed as Armin

Day two of being back in Portland: I flung almond milk all over myself in the cafe while subconsciously trying to shake the container



nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo


My phone says it’s seventy three degrees and foggy

I’m looking out my window

And those are some brightly lit bricks for it to be foggy





Nevermind is an adventure game where you are a physician who can use cutting-edge technology to venture into the the minds of psychological trauma patients. 

Your goal is to explore that world, and solve abstract puzzles that will reveal more and more about their hidden memories. The patient’s subconscious will try and lash back at you, however as you try and peel back the layers. 

These game uses biofeedback technology which means, it can detect when your scared or anxious by responding to your stress levels. This game will dynamically adapt, when it can tell your heart is racing. The more scared you get, the harder the game becomes.

Another great thing about this game is it’s therapeutic applications. It can help those with mild,severe stress, anxiety or PTSD. It can help them overcome their fears. Testing results have been positive so far, but further investigation is needed. 


For anyone wondering, it can help those with severe stress, anxiety & PTSD, because people learn to consciously control stress as more stress is put onto them. 

The creators of the game will be talking to researchers and behavioral health experts who are eager to explore this game’s clinical impacts. They may create a health-centric version of the game targeted for those specific patients. 

Markiplier had a great let’s play of this



remember when martin first started growing the beard and he turned up to the baftas looking like this and everyone completely lost their shit


he is burning

Finally got the freezer ice-free, ended up flinging water all over the kitchen

I actually did contemplate going to dinner at the cafe but nah defrosting the freezer seemed like a better idea